Wednesday, September 9, 2009

product formulation

How a Nutrilite Product Is Formulated

The process of formulating a NUTRILITE product usually follows this sequence:

  1. The ingredients are evaluated for their physical properties – particle size and uniformity, density, and flow.
  2. Trial combinations of ingredients are tested with excipients (inert substances) to evaluate how the blend flows.
  3. The ingredients are compressed, producing prototype tablets.
  4. Prototype tablets are evaluated for physical characteristics – hardness, dimensions, coating, propensity for discoloration, and stability of active markers.
  5. Initial formulations are fine-tuned, and steps 1 – 4 are repeated.
  6. The final formula is determined.
  7. The finished tablets are created and evaluated for physical properties, stability, and active markers.
  8. Manufacturing instructions are developed through scale-up trials, from gram quantities to hundreds-of-kilograms quantities.
  9. A production-plant trial of the formula is run to produce finished tablets.

From ingredient evaluation to final tablet production, our formulation process ensures consistent quality and performance in every
NUTRILITE product.