Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Feeling Well Begins with Living Well with Nutrilite

The Nutrilite Health Institute recognizes the importance of optimal health – aiming for the very best health and wellness we can expect to achieve throughout our lives.

  • Research has shown that a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition are two important factors to achieving optimal health.
  • Research also tells us that almost everyone can benefit from supplementation – because you may still lack optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals, as well as important plant compounds.

Nutrilite and Optimal Health

Optimal health does not mean perfect health. Optimal health means adapting known inherited health risks and your current lifestyle to make the personal choices necessary to live your life as healthy as possible.

Man on mountain bike
  • Nutrition & Supplementation – Do you eat a balanced diet, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins? Do you know which supplements are recommended for your type of diet?
  • Lifestyle – Have you adopted healthy lifestyle habits, such as exercising? Do you smoke?
  • Rest & Relaxation – Do you get sufficient sleep on a regular basis? Do you run to the nearest sweet shop when you are stressed? Or, have you learned relaxation techniques?
  • Genetics – Does high blood pressure or cancer run in your family?

While you cannot change your genetic makeup, you can modify your lifestyle in your quest for optimal health.

  • Adopt a healthier diet.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Increase your exercise.
  • Maintain a proper weight.
  • See your health care professional regularly.

Nutrition and the pursuit of optimal health are at the heart of the NUTRILITE™ brand.