Thursday, September 3, 2009

ARTISTRY-Colour3 Professional Tips

Professional Tips To Update Your Look

  • Prevent Eyeliner From Slipping and fading quickly by tracing your eye pencil line with a matching shade of powder eye colour.

  • Trace Along Your Lashline with eye shadow instead of pencil for soft emphasis.

  • Lighter Colours on the lids helps to open up the eyes.

  • Create A Bit Of Glimmer around the eyes by using a dot of light, shimmery eye colour at the tear duct of the eyes and then blending. This also widens the eyes.

  • Apply Cheek Colour using the flat side of the brush bristles instead of the tips. This technique gives you more control and allows you to carefully, gradually build up your colour.

  • Avoid Patchy, Uneven Blush Application by first setting your skin with translucent powder.

  • Apply Colour Only To The Apples Of The Cheeks for a modern approach to cheek colour.


Jade is blended from lashline to crease on the upper lid. Apply remaining colour along the lower lashline.

Blend Joy into and slightly above the crease.

Apply two coats of mascara to upper...

...and lower lashes.

Joy is applied to cheekbones.

Lips are finished with Lily Luscious Lip Colour.