Saturday, September 5, 2009

ARTISTRY-True Science True Beauty

ARTISTRY™ is about truth. Truth in science - by focusing on your skin's health, and its appearance. Truth in relationships - by sharing beauty secrets as women have done for centuries. And truth in beauty - by celebrating the individual beauty within every woman. Experience the endless, exceptional benefits ARTISTRY skin care and cosmetics provide.

ARTISTRY Essentials

Serious science with every day simplicity.

ARTISTRY Essentials is for the practical side of a woman whose beauty routine is quick and efficient. Essentials is a comprehensive product line for all skin types providing optimal skin health with maximum ease of use.


The ARTISTRY team of 500 scientists, engineers and technicians around the world have been recognized for developing cutting-edge; technologically advanced products using only the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients at levels that perform. They have been granted over 200 patents by the US and International patent offices. They embody the True Science of ARTISTRY.

View our patents by visiting the United States Patent office on-line. A full listing of published and granted public patents is available below - and we have selected a few that you can view here.