Wednesday, September 9, 2009

research papers

Nutrilite Research at the Forefront of Nutrition Science

The NUTRILITE™ brand is much more than a high quality line of products. The Nutrilite Health Institute actively maintains a leadership position in the areas of health and nutrition by establishing an international research program drawing expertise from around the world.

  • Scientific research to support the health benefits of phytonutrients – beneficial chemicals or compounds found in plants.
  • Global investigations into new plants to discover additional nutritional benefits.
  • Clinical trials to validate the efficacy of NUTRILITE products.
  • The establishment of the Scientific Advisory Board to strengthen ties within the nutrition industry, including academic, regulatory, and consumer groups.

Nutrition research is constantly changing: new discoveries, new clinical results, and new breakthroughs make this an ever-evolving field of study. So, along with conducting leading-edge research, our scientific researchers also study the latest journals and data from around the world to stay informed of the newest advancements and research that may be applicable to our products.