Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Nutrilite - Capturing the Power of Nature – Scientifically.

NUTRILITE™ supplements have always been the product of science and nature.

Years ago, Carl Rehnborg pioneered sophisticated techniques to analyze the nutritional value of specific plants. His laboratory featured one of the earliest gas chromatography machines.

Nutrilite Science and scientists, including Carl Rehnborg

Today, Nutrilite Health Institute scientists around the world use the latest methods and technology to improve ways of extracting the maximum goodness from our crops and evaluate new ingredients for our products.

  • We test plant concentrates for proper nutrient content
  • We research new formulations and innovative processing methods to deliver enhanced health benefits.
  • Using high-performance testing and analytical equipment, Nutrilite scientists ensure that every NUTRILITE product has the quality, content, and performance we claim.
  • We explore new and improved products and ingredients, based on the latest scientific findings.

As we look to the future, the Nutrilite Health Institute is at the forefront of a new scientific discipline: Nutrigenomics – the science of how our genes interact with nutrients.

  • Nutrigenomics will soon make it possible for individuals to know their potential risk for certain health-related conditions – through DNA analysis.
  • Eventually, we hope to be able to precisely tailor diet and supplement recommendations to address individual personal risk for many health-related conditions.

Nutrilite partners with more than a dozen global institutions recognized within the scientific and nutrition community. Our work has been presented at conferences and published in scientific journals around the world.

The NUTRILITE brand has always represented cutting-edge
nutrition science.